“I’ve been associated professionally with Leslie since 1997. What impressed me about her at that first meeting was her confidence and winning personality that were backed-up by education and retail business experience. After becoming an integral part of a growing global H-D Corporate Marketing organization, Leslie contributed significantly to our success. While leveraging her knowledge of textbook marketing and retail experience, Leslie created marketing initiatives that attracted prospects never previously reached in volume.

To say Leslie is driven would be an understatement! Her enthusiasm is contagious and her ethics are exemplary. Leslie’s professional performance resulted in a series of assignments with increasing responsibility. Her personal and professional lust for adventure and travel has provided her with a truly global perspective that has value in virtually any assignment.”

– Jerry Wilke, VP Sales and Marketing, Harley-Davidson Motor Co. (Retired)


“I worked with Leslie for several years at Harley on membership fulfillment projects. Leslie analyzed the customer needs and desires first, then created unique and personalized experiences to strengthen brand relationships. She’s a person of high integrity, and I always enjoyed working with her!”

– Matt Teuteberg, President, Teuteberg Inc.



“When Leslie worked at Trek, she regularly sought dealer feedback and suggested strategic solutions for our retail business challenges. She’s a passionate cyclist who enjoys engaging with others and finding ways to use their stories to inspire others to ride.”

– Chris Kegel, Owner and President, Wheel & Sprocket, Wisconsin’s largest bike retailer and #1 Trek dealer



“Leslie is a marketing professional who is passionate about the customer. Her ability to concisely pinpoint the customer’s perspective leads to insightful and disciplined strategies. When budgets and time are tight, these insights are critical to maximizing impact for any organization.

She is a skilled guide and teacher. Nobody was more patient and understanding of my new rider excitement, needs and fears than Leslie. Her ability to coach me speaks volumes of her ability to guide individuals to build strength and fulfill visions.”

– Rebecca Bortner, Director, Integrated Consumer Experiences, Harley-Davidson Motor Co.



“I’ve known Leslie for more than a decade and worked with her on projects at Harley-Davidson and Trek. Leslie understands the importance of a strong marketing campaign that incorporates promotional marketing as part of an overall strategy to increase customer engagement that provides value while meeting the customer expectations.”

– Scott Schmidt, President, National Premium